Thursday, April 19, 2012

Do you have any message for me tonight?

We are here with you tonight as we are with you at all times.

You are doing good work – caring, sharing, being present, opening up to new information, exploring new possibilities, expanding your personal network and influence, and meeting new people.  [It felt like this was referencing the group I’ve been involved with for the past 9 weeks, studying the book, Pope Annalisa.]

Your time next week will be joyful.  Do not pay much attention to those who are not yet as advanced as you are.  Allow them to learn and grow in their own way.  If people ask for your help, give it, of course.  Don’t try to push anyone beyond where they are now.  Have compassion for them and their growth process, just as your teachers had compassion for you when you were in your earlier stages of growth.

All is well.  Everything is unfolding as it should.  There is no specific “plan” for how it should evolve.  You have lots of creativity available to you about how you evolve and how events unfold.  Lessons will be learned no matter what else is happening.  The Universe is constantly evolving and growing so how is always open for new ways to play out. 

Be sure to take time to rest during your travels.  The down time and quiet time is as important as the active, social time and the learning and playing time.

All is well. 

[Then, I just relaxed into the nice, soft and very supportive energy and went to sleep in it for a while until it was almost time to come back.]

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