Friday, October 8, 2010

What is the purpose of the group? How do we recognize balance for us ourselves or for the group?

[Comments: The energy came in much softer and quieter, with the simple phrase “we are here” (which I don’t normally get).  I didn’t have much physical sensation, just a very slight buzzing in the 7th chakra and only noticeable when I looked for it.  My comments in [brackets] below.

Question 1: What is the purpose of the group?

  •   To deepen your consciousness and study in BE-ing.
  •    To open up to more of who you are already.
  •   To work with people you haven’t worked closely with before in this lifetime.
  •   To expand your own self - to learn from others and to teach others in a way that may at first feel uncomfortable.
  •  This is Good Work for all.
[Pause.  I thought it was done at this point, then it started again]
  •   To be flexible and to allow whatever happens.
  •   To bring in new information for each and for all to use and to share with each other.
You have worked together before in other times and other places.  Most of you feel that already.

Question 2:  How do we recognize balance for us ourselves or for the group?

   As you allow yourself to BE, you will be in more balance yourself.  As the group gains in practice, you will find your energy signatures are linking up with each other and you will help to balance each other.

  This will - in turn - allow for more balance for the entire group.  You are all connected, therefore, one helps the group and the group helps the one.

  Consciousness of the need for balance is the beginning step.  From there, the intention takes you forward.  Next, you practice and continue to build your skills and awareness.  You know the steps to do already.  This is just a reminder to pay attention and be more present at all times.   

[pause, then 3 words very distinctly, slowly and separately:]
BE.  ALLOW.  DO.  

[another pause and again:]
BE.  ALLOW.  DO.  

In that order.   


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