Thursday, December 8, 2011

What information do you have for me tonight? Message for December 8, 2011

Question: What information do you have for me tonight? 

We are here with you tonight.  You are all doing Good Work — Very Good Work.

Your support for each other is growing and deepening each time you come together.  You are sharing and opening your heart and allowing yourself to be helped as well as to help each other.

This is the positive part of growth.  And, you are calling to you, other experiences to assist in your growth.

These may not be “pleasant” yet when viewed as just growth opportunities [or "gifts"] to be used, you can begin to see their value and benefit to you and your work.

You are never alone and you are never left to find for yourself.  There is a legion of support available to you when you need it. 

Trust that as it is the truth.

You often forget that in your individual selves and that is one less of the Physical plane — to “pretend” that you are alone.

As you grow into later soul levels, that aloneness no longer serves you.  You can start to drop it and remind yourself every day that you are not alone.  You have incredible power and resources to draw upon when you need them.  They are there even when you don’t need them.

The more you remember this, the faster it will be for you to call upon those resources when you do need them.

Like a new machine or tool, it takes time to learn how to operate it efficiently.  And, you are learning to do that, little by little, each day, each week.
As you learn to be more balance, you can help others who face upsets and “surprises.”  

Life is a constant challenge because you signed up for this life that you are living.  And, part of the exercise is to see how long it takes you to “remember” why you are playing the game of physical life. 

In the larger scheme of things, the day-to-day upsets don’t really matter.  And, yet at the same time, they play a huge role in your own growth and, therefore, they affect all around you, your entity, your cadre and your world.

It is a dichotomy — being so small and insignificant at the same time you are being huge and magnificent. 

All is good.  All is well.  There is everything and nothing at the same time.
Allow that balance point to hold you and protect you and heal you of whatever you would like loved and held and protected.  

We are with you at all times, as close as your breath, as close as your heartbeat, as close as every thought and every feeling and every action.

With much love, your entity. 

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