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What would be in my best interest to know right now?

[My comments" The energy felt very comfortable to me Thursday evening and a bit different than I have experienced before.  I was able to write comfortably and easily without the pressure or intensity that I sometimes feel.]

My question: What would be in my best interest to know right now?

Answer: We are here with you tonight.  We are a collective of Entity 6 to be with you tonight consciously.

You have connected with us before though not as aware of it as we are reaching you now.  You have felt our presence occasionally and yes, when you feel us, we are with you.

The Michael energy is also here - blended and mixed together with our energy so that you are receiving a unified message.

 We are here to support you and to teach you how to speak for us.  As you have been told, we have much to say and want a strong & honest vehicle through which to speak.

 Over the next weeks and months, you will be feeling our presence more and more as we work together to refine the messages and the skills to further develop our messages.

 Your life is very full and very busy.  That will continue though it will change in some ways gradually.  You will not feel stressed or overloaded and will eventually see the changes happening.

 You still have much to do and much to say that has been waiting a long for the right opportunity and receptiveness of those you will be reaching with the messages.

 A great deal of growth and development is needed before your audience is ready to hear.  This is a function of the evolutionary process.  It seems slow and it is.  People / souls / fragments need the time to work through their own issues and individual development before they are ready for the next step.

 Even after the messages have been delivered, it can take quite a while before people are really ready to hear.

 You already know this.  We are just reminding you and those who will see this, that it is the way things are.

 No matter how fast or how slow you may think it should be things happen just as they should happen.  The old saying, “There are no accidents” is still true and will continue to be true.

 When you feel the little “twitches,” it is just a reminder to connect and pay attention to what is happening around you.  It may be a warning or it may be simply a way to get your attention for some other reason.  You have notices these recently and wondered.  Now, you know what that is about.

 As your physical life changes over the next weeks and months, you will develop other habits to remind you to connect.  We will leave you with that and allow you to discover them – like opening a new present.  Have fun with it and enjoy the process of moving and upgrading and redecorating as a fun-filled adventure.
 All is well and you are greatly supported in all areas of your life.

 We leave you with this image:
 A beautiful garden with a pathway surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants.  Along the path are benches to stop & rest, alcoves to enjoy, grand vistas to enjoy, deep forests to enjoy, animals to be with you and little presents and fun surprises all along the path.  This is your life.

 As you come to each present, take time to relish and enjoy the journey.
Kathryn called time then.  I could have kept going easily for a while I think since the energy was flowing at a very nice comfortable pace.

[My comments about tonight’s session: I could see the little packages they described as wrapped in gold foil with beautiful ribbons and they seemed to be ‘lighting up’ as I got near to them.

 I’ve gotten the garden image off and on for more than 20 years, though not for a while.  It’s always a little bit different when it comes and always not when I expected it to come.  So, that must be a part of what they were showing me to recognize that I’ve connected this way with my entity’s energy before unconsciously in the past.

 In our previous listening practices, I never before consciously connected with the entity energy that I was aware of, so this was a special delight on this evening.  It was interesting the way that energy came mixed with the Michael energy also.  I can’t remember a past time when they specifically used the word “Michael” in messages to me either, so that was also different.

 When I did my platform reading this year, they mentioned that Entity 6 wanted to speak through me more in this new year and that will happen more after I move.  By the way, we opened escrow this week.  They referenced that move as part of what is happening “over the next weeks and months.”

 About the “twitches” they mentioned: I have felt off and on, sort of a muscle twitch in my left back shoulder blade area.  I had been told years ago that it came originally from a past life where I was stabbed in the back and I have used it to pick up negative energy around me.  Lately, I’ve noticed it twitching at odd times when it didn’t seem that there was negative energy around, so that was an interesting comment.   A very good session all around :) ]

[Comments: Saturday morning:
   I had some thoughts/feelings about the garden this morning as I was waking up.  It seems to be the “garden of life” or “garden of Eden” - the starting place of all life.  Each time I see it, it looks different because I’m different and because I see things differently as time goes on.

 I also felt like the “presents” are the high points in our life, our adventures, our trials and tribulations, our joys, our sadness, etc.  We can see them all as beautiful and as “presents” if we choose.]

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