Friday, June 10, 2011

What kind of agreement do we have together and how are we serving each other in this work?

Question: What kind of agreement do we have together and how are we serving each other in this work?

Answer: You are called together to help each other deepen and expand your connection to All That Is and to each other.   

You have worked together in circles in other times and other places so you feel comfortable with each other.

Your ability to listen, to hear, to see, to feel together is deepening each week.
This practice helps to hold you steady all during the week as “life” surrounds and distracts you.  The practice helps you to remember who you are and why you came to this place in this time space.  You are here to help keep the energy connected and calm during times of great change and upheaval.

It is no accident that you were drawn together in this way.  As you know, you have many connections in your life that are activated as they are necessary. 

You will be together for a time and will eventually move on to other connections when the time is right.

For now, this is a very peaceful space where you can just be yourself without any outside pressure – something that each of you yearns for in your essence.
Signing up for this group has provided the structure for you to get the peaceful place when “life” might easily keep you constantly busy with other things.
All is unfolding perfectly.

The group and your work each is the goal.  Have no doubt that you are doing exactly what you need to do and you are all benefiting from this peaceful interlude in your busy lives.

We are with you at all times and you can call on us any time to help keep you steady if you feel the need.

Remembering to take time for yourself is very important to those who are healers and helpers for others.  Without a regular group commitment to each other for this group, you could easily find yourselves pulled constantly and neglect the quiet time that you each need to help you recharge and refresh your own energy.
We encourage you to each be fully present during the weekly calls and try to feel the quiet during times of stress – if only for a few moments.  It will be like a breath of fresh air and over time, you will notice how much better you cope with the day-to-day stresses of life that is constantly changing all around you. ---
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