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What can you tell me about themes from past lives?

[Comments: When we started the healing session tonight, I immediately started doing an “energy dance” with my hands.  This is something that first started after I returned from Egypt in 1995.  It feels like the conductor in the movie Fantasia – using the color, light and energy to “conduct” an energy symphony.  Sometimes, I can hear music or feel like I actually become the music or the light or the colors of the energy.  When we were in Egypt, several of us could actually hear music in our ears in one of the temples, though there was no physical music present according to the rest of the group.  The energy dance comes spontaneously, sometimes when I’m doing shamanic journeys and more recently, when we did the monthly full moon fire circles in Washington.  

Anyway, I used that energy to dance, call in the group’s energy and then to wrap the group energy all around those in the healing circle, over and over and over until time was called on that part.

As we started into the listening, I first felt that the dancing energy was a form of healing from past lives.] 

Question: What can you tell me about themes from past lives?

We are here with you and you have felt our energy strongly tonight through your body and your movement.

You have used energy to heal many, many people including yourself.  You have been a dancer in Egypt as you remembered when you were there.

You used energy dances as a Native American shaman to heal the members of your tribe.

You have used energy in your monk lifetimes to draw in the healing presence for yourself and others.

You have been a teacher and a student of friends you know in this lifetime in past lives and blended your energies together in different ways to teach and to heal.

You have been in Switzerland and used your voice to call in Spirit energies for healing. 

You have been in temples and churches and other similar places to call in great energy through dance and physical movement. 

You have lived in jungles and deserts and mountains and plains – all over the world.  Where ever you were and what ever you were doing, you have used energy to help you in your life for most of your lifetimes.  

Your very early lives were about learning to be present and cope with the life.  You have had good parents and bad parents, no parents and foster parents, and many other family configurations.  In all of them, you were able to find ways to connect with All That Is.  It is what Priests do, even before you had any idea what Priest-ness was about. 

In most recent lifetimes, you have honed this natural ability so that you can call on it as needed or when asked to help someone.

When asked – as you know now – you immediately go into “healing mode” and connect with All That Is to pull in that healing energy.

As you move toward the end of your physical lifetimes, you will be using the entire entity as well to help support your healing work.  Your own healing ability is greatly magnified [by that entity connection] and you feel the surge even though it feels very gentle and very easy for you to do.


Rest – and allow it to heal you as well. 

[Comments: At that point, I laid down and let the energy wash over me, then used it to wash over each person in the circle several times, then moved to my family, close friends, etc. to give them an energy wash.  

As I mentioned on the call, for the Solstice, I attended a very special ceremony.  The leader is Native American and leads a drumming circle that I have attended several times.  For the Solstice, she brought Tibet bowls – about 75 of them in great variety - metal, crystal, alchemy.  She played them for us and talked about the bowls, how they are made, the different types, etc.  Then, she had each of us sit in front of a huge crystal bowl while she started it playing so that we each got an individual energy bath from it.  Afterward, she said the sound was different for each person because the bowl magnifies our own energy and plays our own unique “sound.”  There were about 50 people there so it took a while and we got to listen to each one.  After that, she let each of us choose a bowl and we got to play them as we formed a healing circle then played the bowls as each person asked for healing.  I had never played a Tibet bowl before or even touched one.  The small one that chose me had a very beautiful sound even though it was only about the size of my hand.  I was astounded at how beautiful the sound was when I struck it.  I’m sure that Solstice ceremonial energy was still with me for our listening practice.]

I'm very grateful to all of you for being part of this group. An extra big <<< THANK YOU >>> to our leader each each week. 


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