Friday, July 1, 2011

How do we make the best use of the new moon and solar eclipse energy right now?

[Comments: When we started the meditation, as I connected with everyone in our little group, I noticed others coming in: close friends, family, friends, and then a whole huge group of people I know — too large to count and keep track of. 
I did the prayer for the fires and for Linda’s friend, wrapping them in love and safety and drawing in moisture to the fires to help rebalance the Earth.]

Question: How do we make the best use of the new moon and solar eclipse energy right now?

Be aware.  Be present.  We are with you all tonight.  What a large group of folks you have drawn in tonight. [I felt a bit of a chuckle at this as they noticed how large the circle had grown.]

Your life is changing and accelerating.  You already know this.  It will continue for some more of your years in Earth time.  The more flexible you can be, the easier your life will be.

Try to get “into the flow” and the rhythm of the changes so that no matter what happens, you still feel safe.  When you connect as you are tonight, you build and strengthen that web of support that helps you to feel safe and connected.  [I could visualize a huge web, like a gigantic spider web or sparkling safety net underneath our huge group.]

It is this web of support that will become more important to you as you depend less on external and physical things for your safety.  There are hard times coming for some people.  Those in this group have — for the most part — “done their time” and should not suffer as much as some others who have not yet had those experiences. 

Be careful to get good sleep and take care of your physical body as that is your vehicle for living the physical life.  Be aware of your own needs and your own weaknesses and do what you can to help your body stay healthy.  Keep your emotional, psychological and intellectual body well, too.  Pay attention to the stresses around you and don’t let yourself get caught up in other people’s karma [or drama]. 

Take time to love, to laugh, to feel silly, to feel joy and to experience beauty — every single day.  These will help you cope with the many demands that will be growing for older souls who will step into more and more leadership as the younger soul culture and way of living disintegrates.

Know deeply that things are moving exactly where they need to move.  Allow yourself to let go of whatever no longer serves you and help others to do the same.

The frequency of energy is rising.  Major new breakthroughs are coming and life will seem to be moving faster.  It is really [moving faster] as the frequency rises.  You will find it very exciting at times and sometimes may gasp in amazement at what seem like miracles.  This is part of the shift.  

Be very aware of the power you have for good and use it whenever you can.  The collective will benefit greatly as older souls “tune in” in positive ways. You have so much power that is yet untapped to make the world a better place. 

Watch not to allow negative thoughts or become afraid or worry, as your power can magnify the negative very much also.

[Pause.  I was out of paper, so started writing up the side.]

Bless you all for your diligence and persistence and commitment to doing what you are all doing.


[It was very nice energy and felt very, very supportive:)]


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