Friday, July 15, 2011

What can you tell us about the Virgin Mary sightings?

Question: What can you tell us about the Virgin Mary sightings?

Answer: For many people, the Virgin Mary represents Love and Motherhood and Purity and Innocence.  All are qualities that seem to have been pushed aside in the busy pace of life in today’s world.

Many people are familiar with the image of the Virgin Mary and so when they seek help, she is a comforting symbol for them.

Keep in mind that people will create whatever they need in the image compatible with their belief system.  

The veil is thinning between the physical world and the non-physical world, which allows for people to more easily reach out beyond themselves.

Imagine if you will how hopeless people might feel if they could not connect with or “see” something outside themselves.  Even if people say they do not believe in “miracles,” most really do secretly yearn for the feelings that come from connecting with All That Is.

The image of Mary in her Innocence, gives great hope and great comfort to many people even when they themselves do not have the physical experience of making the connection with her.

Baby Souls and Mature Souls are more likely to see the Virgin Mary than Young Souls, who tend to scoff at such ideas.  Older Souls will connect with images of a greater variety and a more diverse pool of possible visual “sightings.” 

The image is just that – an image, a symbol for the greater connection that is All That Is.

Anyone who seeks to connect can do it easily.  All that is needed is the desire to reach out.

Human bodies are built with an inherent connection that can be hidden by beliefs but cannot be disconnected [except through death] because without that connection, there would be no “soul.”  Without a soul, the human body cannot function.

The image of the man Jesus is another image that many people could connect with if they desired.  What holds that back is the religious dogma that people have been taught that only priests and such types are “good enough” to connect with Jesus.

Yet, many do connect with that image of Jesus though they do not tell others for fear that they will be ridiculed or not believed.

Again, the image is only a symbol.  The same energy is being reached whether it is called Mary or Jesus or Aunt Louise or God or Michael or any other name or label one might want to place on it. 

Everything is connected to everything else always and forever.

It has always been so and will always been so.

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