Friday, August 5, 2011

What are “angels”?

Question: What are “angels”?

Answer: We are here with you tonight and welcome you to our circle.  You have asked for connection and we are bringing those you would call angels into the circle.

They are beings who have taken on the task of helping humanity in many ways. They now fill your circle with love and peace and deep joy.

They are accessible to you or anyone who asks.  They do not live physical lives as their primary focus though some do choose that path to gain experience for their helping work.

You may notice them in your dreams, your may feel their energy during times of need or you may occasionally “see” them with your eyes if you look in a certain way.

They wait, they watch and they respond to calls for help.

Many of your spirit guides or other off-planet “friends” may be considered as angels by some people.

To others, WE might be considered to be angels.  For the person you referenced [someone who posted a comment on the MT list that she was an angel], she is having a physical lifetime though her primary purpose is to be the caring, helping presence for those in need throughout most of her existence.

Your question is a good one and can help you open a new doorway of understanding to allow you to help others who may want to believe but are afraid the angels don’t really exist.  

They very much do exist and are an important part of the spiritual realm.  Every group of souls has some number whose job is to provide loving, caring support for others in the group.  [I had a vague sense at the side of my brain that there are some number of angels allocated in each entity/cadre, though couldn’t quite grasp the details.]

Many people — including yourself — have experienced angels and seen them and felt their present when they are needed.

If you relax and ask for them to visit with you, they are willing to do that now.

[So, I laid down and immediately heard the song “Amazing Grace” — one of my favorites — and “saw” them has a huge chorus. At first, it seemed like they filled an entire concert hall then I realized it was larger than that — as if I was standing in a valley surrounded by mountains and they filled the valley with their light and songs and energy.  
  They sang to me, rocked me and surrounded me with light feathery touches.  It was very pleasant and I didn’t want to come back when time was called.
Many years ago, when I was feeling like I was at the “end of my rope,” I woke up in the middle of the night and saw an angel standing at the end of my bed.  She was golden, surrounded by light and sort of “fuzzy” – I don’t know how to describe it.  As if she was there but not there in solid physical form.  I could feel the loving energy of others all around me.  It was enough to give me hope that I would get though that time.  And, of course, I did.]

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