Friday, August 12, 2011

Who do I hear in the listening sessions?

Question: Who do I hear in the listening sessions?

Answer, with a playful feeling:

And so, tonight, we are here again with you.  You have asked who we are.  We are One and we are Many.  Your usual name for us is Michael and you connect to parts of us at different times.

You also connect with your own guides.  The several who you have worked with at different times.  You also connect to the one you know as Sam or Samantha originally though not as much as before.  [When I first started automatic writing many years ago, I asked for a name and they said I could call it “Sam” for Samuel or Samantha, whichever way I want to think about them.]

You also connect with others you have known in physical life before.

You remember your former boyfriend who became a guide until he/she came back in this life as someone you know.  You remember others who have come to be with you at different times.

You have contacted the “spirit” side of your task companion and your essence twin when those were appropriate. 

You can contacted “the chorus” as you used to call them — that is more in line with the Michael entity energy and your own entity energy coming through to you.
So the answer to your question is many and various.  You also connect to your own essence and to your higher self.

All of these are part of the Allness and its many permutations.

It is like trying to separate your toe from your foot.  Yes, there can be “names” for these bits and pieces but they are part of the whole physical body and all parts are connected. 

Even your physical body being separate is an illusion created to help you where you are now.  Energetically, you are connected to all else and to everyone else.
There is only One and you are part of us, just as we are part of you.

There is no magic line that separates us from you — only in your own mind can you imagine the separation.  It is the game you play where you are now.  When you are not in a physical body, you merge back into the Oneness and know that we are all One.

The physical world allows you to experiment with separation and gives you the opportunity to appreciate the parts for their qualities.  When you only see the Oneness, you miss the individualization aspects.

To appreciate the individuality is why this game was created. 

[At that point, I just relaxed into the pleasant feeling and felt very relaxed, like I could just stay there for a long time.  I’ve been working on a project this week and struggling with it, and was feeling sleepy and very tired before the session.  Several times this week, I’ve called for support to help me “get” what I was struggling with.  After our session, I feel wide awake and very energized, and also like I want to go to sleep so I can rest in that lovely energy some more during the night :)]

8/12/2011: more info from my morning meditation:

Good morning!  We are your entity greeting you.  We are so close to you and so connected to you that you don’t feel us as “different” so you forget that we are here.  You can think of us as “Purple” and think of Michael as “Blue.”  When you see those colors, know that we are here with you.

[Wow!  I also noticed that I use blue and purple as my color scheme in my home with green for accent, so I see those colors all the time all around me :) What a great visual reminder!]

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