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How much influence do we have for our next life? What are the conscious ways we can choose our future lives?

Question: How much influence do we have for our next life?  What are the conscious ways we can choose our future lives?

Answer: [I felt the answer coming strongly before we finished with the healing circle, so started with that and did the healing later.]

We are here with you tonight.  We ride the waves of energy with you at all times.  We especially enjoy your work with your little group as it gives “time” to more deeply and consciously connect together with all of us focused in the same way.

We are your entity, as a collective, helping to support you, teach you, guide you and to speak through you as the opportunities arise.  You have noticed that more and more as you become more consciously aware of our connection.

We help with the healing work you do and are grateful for the focus on healing you do in your circle.

Your world is changing rapidly as you know, as you said earlier today, it is time for the elders to step forward and make their presence known and felt more deeply (** see footnote).

It is time.  The time you and so many others have waited for.  Right here, right now, in this moment is all the power and influence you will ever need.
To think about the future lives is an exercise of stretching your mind and energy forward in a positive way as it gives you an opportunity to expand your awareness, which is always good.

As you expand into the future, you bring back ideas, thoughts and feeling that can help you in your life now.

There are very many factors that go into choosing a “future” life and all that contains.

The primary choices happen between lives when you meet and confer with those other souls who will share the life with you.  Your parents, your children, your friends, your helpers, your teachers, your other “players” in your own game of life.

There are many, many choices to be made.  Your personality in this life is affected by your essence to some extent and it has its own agenda as well.
[I was starting to feel some resistance here.]  As humans, you like to be “in control” of your life.  That is part of the human experience.  

In truth, the personality is playing the game it was created to play.  It does not like to be told that it doesn’t have control so we will avoid that.  We will say that it can have influence though keep in mind that the “future” lifetimes will have different personalities and they may want to “do it their way” just as you want to do it your way this time.

 The dance is a mutual one between essence and personality so be careful not to put too much burden on the “choice” you might make today that might serve as a noose to a future personality.

We feel that you are receiving the intent of our message though your personality isn’t really liking it.

We won’t push the point too hard.  Trust that you do “get it.”

We leave you with much love and joy at your progress.  Many doors are opening now and much will come to you to make our life feel wonderful.

We bid you adieu until we meet again in your dreams.

For the healings, I wrapped them both in Love and safety and protection, and just let that be without trying to get any more.  

** Footnote: Last night, I sent a note to Hank Wesselman asking if I could use one of his articles for my website.  I got a response this morning, and when I wrote back to thank him for agreeing to let me do that, I closed with, “With all the challenges our world is facing, I believe it’s time for the “older souls” and the “elders” (physical or non-physical) to step forward and make themselves known to assist in making our world a better place.  We’ve held back for a long time and let the younger ones run things, and we can see that they now don’t know how to fix the messes they’ve created.  Thank you for all you are and for all you are doing to make the world a better place :)”

I was conscious of the words coming through me rather than being written by me.
I just finished reading Hank’s three books: Spiritwalker, Medicinemaker and Visionseeker.  Someone had highly recommended them to me earlier this year.   Once I started reading them, I didn’t want to put them down so was very tickled to hear from him in person and for him to agree to let me use one of his articles. 

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