Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Gentle, Loving Reminder from Spirit

[During the meditation portion before the listening, I saw a rainbow colored light, moving, shifting, changing — splitting apart by color and wrapping the strands of color all around in a beautiful dance of light and energy.]

Question: What message is important for me tonight?

Answer:  Greetings from your entity.  Your rainbow light and vision is appropriate as it represents the variety of energy available to you any time you wish for it. 

Yes, things are shifting and changing all around you that allows for newness and creativity.  The rainbow is a symbol of that creativity as well.

Much is happening “under the surface” that will be coming forth over the next few months.  By the end of our year, you may look back in wonder at all the good things that have happened.  

There is a growing sense of positive awareness, hope and expectation of good things that will continue to grow.  Many people are feeling it and looking for outward signs to validate what they feel.  It is the inner feelings that will create the physical manifestation, not the other way around.

Do not be concerned if you don’t see the physical signs as it takes some “time” to become physical.  You can trust your inner sense, no matter what is happening in the physical world.

More and more “things” will manifest from your thoughts, more quickly than before, as the pace and frequency of he overall energy rises.
You can continue to do what you do as you do it, without consciously thinking about what “might” happen.

The more positive your thoughts, the better, as you already know.  Since you are not prone to “worry” as some are, we don’t need to warn you about the power of negative thinking.

For others, whenever you can help them to see the positive side of situations, the more good you can do for the world.

Negative energy slows down the progress of changes for individuals.  Where there is a great deal of negative energy, it can have a dampening effect on the overall movement of humanity.
Take time every day to appreciate all you have and the many blessing in your life.  Share your knowledge and wisdom wherever it feels appropriate.  Many people are seeking answers and you can provide a vehicle for them to find them.

As soon as you are able, follow through on sharing our messages as you have already started.  [My blog “Listening to Spirit”]  You know what to do.  It is just a matter of doing it.  The effort will give you as much enjoyment as those who are drawn to read the messages. 

Your life is full and rich and exactly on course where it should be.  Do not be concerned about things that have not happened as you wish.  There is a grand design at work and all will be revealed at the right time.  [This I believe was in response to my grousing today about not getting answers yet from someone.]

Blessings and much love from your entity and your higher self.

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