Friday, May 13, 2011

What is the next step for this group?

Question: What is the next step for this group?

Answer: This group is like the wave you saw [the standing wave video that a friend shared with us this week].  Sometimes, very much aligned and other times, not.  It doesn’t matter.  You can’t force unity or dis-unity.  Each person has their own individual needs, wants and desires.  And, each person has their own life path to walk. 

The group will evolve and change, simply because the Universe moves, changes and evolves.  Allow it to move each week according to the needs of those who show up.  Don’t try to script it too much or it will drive away those who seek the connection. 
Old souls — by their very nature — are independent and will move in the way they need to move without anyone “in charge” of the agenda of the group.

You are all doing Good Work and as we have said before, many times, simply being on the planet and living your life as an example is enough.  It is more than enough.   

Lighten up!  

Don’t press yourselves more or feel yourself less because you think you “should” do more.  You don’t need to do any more than you are already doing.  Give yourselves a break and allow yourselves to enjoy and appreciate where you are now.

Again, you are already enough – more than enough!


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