Thursday, July 10, 2014

How can we best use the current nexus energy to bring in what we want most in our life?

We are here with you tonight and always.

There are many spirits here with you tonight.  This is an exciting time in your world as major shifts in attitudes are happening all over your world.
Many, many people are opening their hearts and their minds to reach higher awareness of all that they can be. They are becoming more aware of the Family of Man – how much you are all connected together and how much you share in common with so many others who just a few years ago would have been “strangers” or even “enemies.”

The attention to the World Cup is one outward manifestation of this shift in attitudes.

Your collective consciousness is becoming much more open to spiritual ideas that have been only held by older souls.  Those ideas are infiltrating the common culture very quickly and you see that in a new and growing openness to ideas in many religions that was not there before. 

As this opening happens, people are opening their heart and when that happens, they become magnets for abundance and prosperity.

As you do your own visioning, you can use those images to draw to you that which will make your life easier and make the lives of others you touch easier.
As this process happens, it sends out ripples on the “pond of life” and more people are touched and affected in a positive way, which raises the overall vibration and the cycle continues

We are with you at all times, with much love.

~ Your entity ~

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