Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tonight's message: a wake-up call and a reminder

We did healing clouds of Love for (xxx) and the folks in the plane that went down today.  I didn’t get anything particular information for (xxx) – just that they could use the cloud of love that we created and that they were wrapped and protected by it.  It is available for them and they can take as much as they need or want from it as they need it. 

Question:  Is there any message for me tonight?

We are here with you always and forever and ever.

The plane incident is a shakeup — a reminder that there are unstable forces at work.

All the souls on the plane are safe and being cared for.  They agreed to participate in this event as a wake-up call and a way to bring to light some weaknesses in your structure that need attention.

When sudden tragedy happens, people are abruptly awakened from their “sleep” and can no longer pretend that things are OK.  The inertia is disrupted and many people’s attention is directed toward helping others.  It is a reminder also to pay attention to your own affairs and relationships — to let people know you love them, a reminder that physical life is tenuous and temporary, and to work on forgiveness and blessing — and letting go of small petty thoughts that impede the flow of love.

There will, of course, be blame and angst.  There should be an underlying knowledge that is stronger than one incident or one crash — or a million incidents or a million crashes.

All is well — truly.

As older souls your job is to remember that and keep sending and holding love for yourself and expanding that to share with anyone who needs or wants it.

One fun way to raise the energy vibrations: 
The Happy song – Pharrell Williams, official music video:
24 hours of Happy:

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