Friday, March 7, 2014

Message from 3/6/2014

Question: Is there any message for me tonight? 

All is well.  All is alive and growing and changing, and all is peaceful and still at the same time.

We are everything in a pinpoint of light and we are All That Is, as large as or larger than you can possibly imagine. We are All and we are Nothing.

As that is true for us, it is true for you — each of you.  You are All and you are Nothing.

You are an imagination and you are real at the same time.  We are connected so tightly that there is no separation and at the same time, humans playing the game of being separate from each other.

It is a grand game that goes on almost forever and for no more than the blink of an eye. 

Who you are is so powerful you as a human cannot comprehend it. You reach for that power and it excites you and it frightens you at the same time.

Your job as a spirit in human form is to experience the game AND to learn to transcend the game and remember who you are beyond the physical plane.

Whatever you wish to do or be is possible for you — in this life or beyond this life.  There are no limits to what your power can do, should you wish to use it.

Many of you are starting to get a small glimmer of the possibilities and your world is changing rapidly in unseen ways right now.  The changes will be seen in physical form in years to come.  Over the next 3-5 years of your “time,” you will begin to see the effects of all the deep intention work that so many have placed into the powerful forces that drive the physical universe.

Glimmers are showing already if you look for them as you have noticed already. 

We are with you at all times.

~ Much love, Your Entity ~

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