Thursday, August 21, 2014

What do dreams of death mean?

Question: How much sensing do we have when parallels merge or concurrents die.  How do we recognize them?  (This question came from an unsettling dream that xxxx shared.  Also, there is supposed to be a convergence nexus coming up soon).

We are here with you tonight and always

xxxx is more sensitive than many, so she is feeling the merging process in a conscious way. 

Death is life and life is death.

All energies move and shift on a regular basis, sometimes more than others.
This time period is one of great change in your world as we have said before.
xxxx’s dream is a recognition that the “old way” is dying and yet she is still alive.  Life goes on constantly. 

As things shift in other parallels, yes, it is possible to connect with those energies for those who want to and those who are sensitive.

Fear is not necessary.  Death is not something to be afraid of.  And the “sense” of death does grab attention so is a good image to use for changes.

The underlying reality has not changed — only the external things change during times of upheaval.

xxxx is feeling the changes that are happening in her own life and in the world around her.  There is nothing to be afraid of.  Changes, merges, splits or any other “label” or “name” happen when and as they need to happen.  Your world is experiencing a time of major changes. We have talked about this many times so it is not anything new or anything to be afraid of.

All is well.  You are all safe and protected.  And, you are well loved.

~Your entity ~

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