Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is there a relationship between dreaming and chief features?

We are here with you tonight.

Of course, dreaming is related to everything.  Your body is relaxed when you sleep, so your essence is free to play and wander.  It is also meeting with your entity mates and other of your relationships to work out past issues and work on planning of future events.

You also experiment in your dreams and visit with old and new friends.
Your waking self can be trained to remember your dreams more readily and there are plenty of places to learn how to do that if you search.

Whether your chief feature blocks your dreams depends on many things.  Your essence may try to send or give you messages in dreams and your chief feature may try to block your awareness.  How strongly depends on where you are in your development so there is no ‘set’ answer.

If you are interested in retaining more of your dreams, follow the instructions for that training.

Many of your dreams are experiments — trying out some scenarios or testing out something or they might be preparing you for something that is upcoming.  Sometimes, dreams are just playful fantasies to enjoy.

How seriously you take your dreams depends on many things, including your own insecurities or sensitivities.

There is no one way to interpret dreams.  For example, seeing a monkey isn’t always a symbol for bananas.  It is up to YOU to determine the significance of your dreams.  Others may help if you ask and if you can allow your intuition to work and to FEEL the dream it will help.

If your chief features are somewhat under control, it is easy to connect with your intuition as you already know.

The best thing you can do for yourself is get a handle on your chief feature so that your life can be more enjoyable.  We are not telling you anything new, just a reminder to do your own homework.

You can use your dreams consciously to help you work out problems and solutions.  In this energy of change now, you can use your dreams to proactively let your essence help to make your changes smoother by going to sleep with a clear intention to remember the help that comes from the dream.

That’s enough for now.  We are always with you — awake and asleep.  Much love, your entity.

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