Thursday, August 9, 2012

Any messages for me tonight?

We are here with you tonight and always.

Your sense of intuition about [name removed] was correct.  Your intuition about [another person] was correct.  And, so you have confirmed what you felt and followed through on.

Opportunities present themselves constantly and you are getting better and better at recognizing them. Continue to “listen” and to “feel” your way through your day-to-day activities and you will get where you want to go or where you want to end up.

As you asked, your life is flowing easily and with prosperity, supporting you in what you wish to do with it.

Life is really your own creation as you have learned.  You can teach others by your actions and your attitude so that they learn for themselves what you have learned.

More teaching opportunities will arise as you are ready and willing to accept them, without taking anything away from your ability to do your own personal work and interests.  These give you variety and a chance to teach what you have learned to others in a less stressful way than a full-time job or a deeper commitment.

All is well.  Enjoy your time on the physical plan.  It seems to go slowly at times and at others, it is a blink of an eyelash.

Much love, your entity.

Note: This information tonight came as a follow-on to a discussion I had with a friend a few weeks ago about a workplace conflict issue, and it lead to an agreement this week for me to facilitate a book study group starting in September with the book, Crucial Conversations by Joseph Grenny, et al.


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