Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is there any message for us or for me tonight?

We are here with you tonight as always. 

Whatever you wish for is yours — already.  You  have so much support to call upon — much more than you have yet tapped into.  

As you are in the Physical Plan, there are some things that must be done to operate in that Plane successfully. You must breathe, you must eat, you must sleep, you must move your body, you must perform services, you must get your car fixed, and a myriad of other details that come with being in the Physical Plane.

And, at the same time, you are so much more than a physical body – a meat unit.
You are here to learn and you are here to teach.  You  have responsibilities to others, you have relationships to attend to, people to help and people who teach you.  

There are lots of demands on your time, so if you seem to “forget,” it is just fine.  You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to do it all, all the time.  You are ALL doing exactly what you are supposed to do right this minute.

If you follow our previous suggestions, you will continue to evolve and grow and expand in many ways.  Time is an illusion and there is no hurry, so relax.
Part of our previous suggestion — and this is just a reminder — take time to connect very day — with your entity, your spirit guides, whatever you want to call the “higher you.”  That alone will guarantee that you stay “connected.”
In fact, at this stage of your own individual evolution, it is pretty hard for you to “disconnect” in truth.  You are so used to being connected that you forget all about it.  That’s OK, too.  We are with you  in  your dreams even when you don’t remember them at all.

As someone in the group tonight said, the “simple” acts of setting your intention to be more loving, kinder, gentler, etc., is a big part of why you do it so easily.  Those traits are becoming part of who you are so you don’t notice anything different.  People who met you years ago and haven’t seen you in a while can tell the difference even if you can’t.

Your best tools are the habits we have suggested before — gratitude, meditation, listening to your own intuition, asking for help, taking care of  your physical body, fulfilling your obligations, being kind and loving, being honest and expressing  yourself from a place of integrity at all times. 

All is well.  We are with you at all time and well-pleased with your progress and evolution.
The suggestions from before (1/26/2012):
1.     Daily meditation.  How long is up to you.  Connect to “All That Is” and spend whatever amount of time feels right for you.
2.     Good diet.  Eliminate alcohol, cigarettes, chemicals, drugs, etc.  Eat a balanced diet that is right for your body type.
3.     Eat consciously.  Be grateful for all that has been provided for you to nourish your body.
4.     Exercise your body regularly in a way that works for you.
5.     Be sure to get enough rest.
6.     Balance your work and make sure you have time for play, study and rest (the 4 pillars).
7.     Watch your thoughts.  Be aware of martyrdom, anger, arrogance, stubbornness, etc. 
8.     Learn to see the good (God) in everyone and every situation and every person you interact with.
9.     Be gentle and loving with yourself also.  Eliminate self-criticism of all kinds.  There is no room for that any more.
10.  Fill yourself with the positive energy of LOVE!!!  At all times.  Whenever you feel depleted or  weak or tired, do something that is uplifting for you —music, art, prayer, exercise — whatever works for you.  STOP all activities and obligations if necessary to get yourself back into a good place.
We are always with you.  Be aware of that and rest in our loving embrace.  

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