Thursday, September 6, 2012

How do we know that the message we receive are not our own imagination?

We are here tonight with you tonight.

And, what is imagination?  We don’t mean to challenge your question – only to remind you that everything is connected to everything else.

We are You and You are Us and We are all connected to You and to Us.

The lines of separation are imaginary lines – so to answer your question, it is hard to distinguish one from the other.

The messages you receive may com from your own personality, your essence, your entity, the Michael entity or a myriad of other sources that are available to you and to anyone else who asked.  

The quality of the message is for you to use to decide whether you want to put a label or a name on the source of the information.  Just as your “imagination” could be any of the many sources available to you. 

YOU are the one to decide how to label it (if you must) and whether it “feels” like one source or another.  

Everyone who is conscious has connections to multiple sources that are so closely connected that it is almost impossible to label them.  Most of your own messages come from your entity, which you could call your higher self — or from the Michael entity or from others that you know from past connections.  You already know this.

For others in your group, they also connect to their entity (which some of you share) or from the Michael entity or from others they have known. 

At any time, though, you may find reasons to connect with some other source for some particular purpose so the sources are not fixed and rigid.

For most of the group that are considered Michael students, you have many sources in common – your entity, your cadre, your energy ring, the Michael group, etc. 

Other groups and individuals have very different sources and connections and those become obvious when you see the varied opinions and ideas expressed by those groups.  [The current political conventions and their differences came to mind when this was coming in.]

The variety is built into the system of life on the Physical Plane and allows for growth and progress and lessons and learning. 

As Terri said, learning to “feel the energy” of your sources is Good Work and will help you to have and build your own confidence and discernment that you are receiving message from your own familiar sources and not something that could not be as good for you to listen to.  Examples might be spirits on the lower Astral Plane looking to create drama, those “stuck” after recent death (ghosts) and lost souls looking to inhabit a willing host.  You know the exercises to prevent that type of contact and you do it so automatically that you are not bothered by that type of contact.

Have we given you enough on the question?  We welcome you back to your circle after your recent travels.

~ Much love to all of you ~ Your entity and the Michael entity. 

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