Friday, September 21, 2012

The Sphere of All Possibilities

Instead of listening, we did an exercise that Alexandra has been using called the Sphere of All Possibilities (

I connected with my future self and when I tried to go out into the future, I first went 5 years into the future, then kept pushing out until I was 92 years old.

As in the visualization described in the link, I connected with my future self as if we were having tea.  I noticed my future self was a bit more wrinkled, and was healthy, happy, productive and doing very well.  My future self was wearing something with soft material and purple.  When it was  time to shift to my future self’s consciousness, I got up and moved to the place where she was sitting, then looked back at my current self.

It was an interesting exercise :) 
As we were wrapping up, I started to get a message from my entity, then lost it as people started to talk.  It started out as a reminder that they are always there to help when we need them or want them. 


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