Thursday, October 4, 2012

Will there be a difference depending on which candidate wins the election for US President?

We are here with you tonight.

Your question is a good one as this is a very good “time” to ask such questions when people are making their  choices.

In one sense, the answer could be “No” for the long term.  Meaning that growth will occur regardless of who is the president. 

The answer could be “Yes” if you want to talk about how fast you grow or which ways you go while doing that growth. 

Your society is moving toward more mature ways of being and doing, and even Young Souls such as Mr. Romney have to behave and talk differently more than they did 30 years ago, for example.  

The difference comes in how they go about it.  Are they just talking about cooperation and still operating as the way it has been?

The media in your society plays a very powerful part in helping to expose the issues and communicate messages.  And, they can obfuscate the issues and create issues where there were none by spreading falsehoods and innuendo that is damaging to the truth.

You all know this – so we are “preaching to the choir.”

What you don’t know is the truth.  No one does and therein lies the dilemma.

How can you choose without facts and truth?

The answer to that — as Older Souls — you have to learn to trust your own sense of the truth that is covered by all the propaganda and spin from the candidates, their campaigns, the media, the social media, the “unofficial” media (everyone who has something to say) and to some extent the candidates themselves, who are trying to “present” themselves in the way they think will get them elected.

Mr. Obama likes being president for many reasons and he has been very frustrated by his inability to get done more things that he feels so passionate about.  He is not as effective as he would like to be and doesn’t know how to fix it.  His recent willingness to work closely with Bill Clinton was long overdue.  Mr. Clinton has an incredible social skill that far exceeds any recent living president.  His involvement could be the factor that turns the election in favor of Mr. Obama.
Of course, as Mature Souls, the Obama team and the Clintons care passionately about social issues and doing what they can to resolve them.  

Mr. Romney appeals to the Young Souls who see their power and influence slipping away and will do anything to keep that from happening. That is a strong force to contend with as you have seen in recent elections.

There is the possibility of a “tie” similar to what you had before since the Young Soul and Mature Soul groups are so close in numbers.

Your society could teeter and sway back and forth for many years this way.
Eventually, however, you must move strongly to the mature way because it has to happen.  

You would like a firm “yes” or “no” to go by, and we won’t give you one.  We can say that there will be parallels split off by the decision, so the answer is still “Yes” AND “No” because some parallels will move the Mature Soul way and some will go back to the Young Soul way.

Even if it “goes back” — it won’t be like it was.  There are too many Mature Souls to allow the Young Souls to “undo” everything.

So, you have some smoother way if the Mature Soul Obama continues, or you may see the Young Soul thwarted. 

Regardless, it gives you lots of excitement and the opportunity to seriously consider what YOU want for your future. 

We are here whenever you need or want us.
~ Your entity ~

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