Thursday, October 25, 2012

About love and breakups

Question: What is the relationship between {names removed} about?  Why is {name removed} having such a difficult time getting past it? 

We are with you tonight.

Love on an essence level is striking when encountered in human beings.  It is a powerful reminder of the love that is the core of who we are who you each are.
The depth of love is a connection to Source — the Tao, All That Is.  When that pure love strikes, it is so powerful and so compelling t hat it cannot be missed.

And, when the physical bodies and personalities conflict, the loss of that love feels devastating.  As well it should, for it is a beautiful thing to experience.
The ecstasy is what the Essence lives for.  The personality has different goals and is not usually willing to let the Essence take over to the extent it would like in a physical lifetime.  So, breakup occurs, and deep grief and longing are the result.

In many ways, such love is a reminder of what you all left behind when your Essence entered into the physical body and earthly incarnation.  It is a powerful longing to “return home” to that powerful ecstasy of pure love. 

There are, of course, memories of past lives together, of karma incurred and resolved, and not resolved.  

The personality will do a great deal to prevent — or try to prevent — two people from focusing all their attention on each other as deeply as you would like.  It will “act out” in all sorts of ways that seem to be very real, to keep you from each other.

There can be other “reasons” why life between two such intimately connected souls would not pursue a closer, more long-term relationship.  Life tasks may be different and may not be fulfilled if the two souls are so tightly connected.

In this case, we suggest that she do some work on her own to uncover what she can learn from the depth of the experience — what she learned, what she did or didn’t do to contribute to the breakup, what she might want to do differently in the future.  Or, if she is willing to give up her personality’s needs in order to maintain a relationship with the intensity that would be required if she were to try to resurrect it again.

We also suggest that she view it from a place of immense gratitude for what she was able to achieve in truly being touched deeply by the Beloved.  It is a magical experience — maybe a “once in a lifetime" experience — that many people never get to experience.

Some introspection on what she is grieving for might be useful.  Is it the feeling of being loved?  The feeling of deep love for another soul?  The excitement and anticipation of being with the Beloved, etc.

This might help her to be clearer in her own mind and in her heart about what she truly wants in her lifetime.

Remember also that life — physical life — is to be lived and part of that deals with loss and grief, and part deals with learning to love unconditionally. That is the only reason we are here to help you — to help you learn to love more deeply and more completely. 

Love is truly all there is.  All else is illusion and maya. When you can love, in whatever form it takes, you are far more than just a physical body.  You are expressing the divine essence of who you are — a fragment of a magnificent universe that knows only love.  

Of course, the apparent loss of that love is devastating.  And, nothing is ever lost.  You still have all the love that is possible.  It is not necessary to have another physical person to tap into that love.  Your culture teaches you otherwise — that having a “mate” is the way to happiness.  It can be, and it can be the way to sorrow.  

For two people to have a deep, long-lasting relationship, each personality must give up a great deal of control.  Many are unwilling to do that, therefore, breakups occur.

Love is a topic that could go on all night and forever.  We will leave you with these thoughts to consider.

~ Your entity and Michael ~

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