Thursday, October 18, 2012

What are orbs?

We are here with you tonight and always.

Orbs are what is commonly known as energy signatures. 

At some time in your culture, someone captured an “orb” in a way that allowed it to manifest in a physical way on a photograph.  As word spread and people tried to understand, agreements were formed that this is an “acceptable” method for energy to express itself so that those who want to see with their eyes could have someone “concrete” to point to.

It has now become part of your culture and is becoming more mainstream.
The “orb” is simply one way to capture the many expressions of god, spirit, angels, essence, spirit guides, or whatever people want to call them.

When there are many orbs as in your summer solstice gathering, that reflects the great energy that was there.

As you know, when people gather to pray or do spiritual work, there is great interest from the “other” realms and great support as well.

So orbs are “showing up” more frequently in photographs.

This isi enhanced by the increasing frequency of overall energy as the planet and the people move forward in growth.  Orbs could have expressed in many different ways.  However, since that first capture, it provided a “model” or “template” to break through the veil or the barrier between your physical world and the “other” or “higher” realm.

That veil or barrier is growing thinner each day, which is why more people are seeing and experiencing orbs.  This will continue to grow until it is not unusual to know and feel the support of non-physical entities. 

Many things are changing as the energy increases.  Ideas, beliefs, methods, practices, diseases and technology are all changing at a rapid pace. 

If you would like to personally experience the orbs in a physical way for yourself, simply set your intention and ask your guides to help the energy express for you in that way. 

Play with it and allow it to show up.  Or, ask it to show up in some other way if you are adventurous and want to play with what is possible.

We wish you love and fun and all good things.  Life is an adventure to be lived, so have fun!

~ Your entity / your self ~

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