Thursday, June 7, 2012

Are there any messages for us tonight?

We are here with you tonight.

Our other messages are for the rest of you as you work through the many changes on your planet. Much is happening “under the surface” if you will.  It may feel  now as if there is a lull and in some ways, that is true.  You are not seeing big changes day-to-day, though after a time, you will be able to look back and notice all that has happened. 

Take time to be still every day and spend time doing something that is important to you every day.

Notice the birds, notice the air, notice the sun, notice the wind, notice the earth, notice the people who are important to you, notice textures, sounds, smells, etc.
Pay attention to being physical and how wonderful it is to be in a body having a physical experience.  As you are aware of those things, open your heart in gratitude for all the many blessings you  have on the physical plane.  It is what you chose to do at this time in your life. 

When you are conscious of all the physical things, it heightens your physical senses and also heightens your awareness of the non-physical senses you have.
Notice when  you receive “messages” or “feelings” or “thoughts” that come out of no where.  Those are also part of  your gratitude practice – be grateful when you get each of those things.

As you pay attention to what is around you and what is in you, you open up to more of who you are.  You feel more connected on a physical level and a meta-physical level.

Your conscious connection with others also increases.  Notice how you feel when interacting with friends or associates or family members or clients or others.

All of these help you to expand the energetic body that is represented by your fragment of All That Is.

We leave you with “time” to experience our message.

~ With much love, Your Entity ~

[Then, I laid down and listened to the birds singing, my chimes playing, the warm air blowing across and around me through the open patio door, the feel of my skin, my heart beating, etc. ]

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