Thursday, May 31, 2012

Is there anything we can do as individuals to continue the momentum of the energy we felt at 7 Oaks in the Michael community?

All of you made a choice to come together again in a very special and deep way this year.  You wanted to have a life-changing experience and you all created that for yourselves.  You also created it for many others who observed the experience without being there.

Many of you opened your hearts wider than you have before and, therefore, felt more connected with others who opened their hearts wide.
Many other people were affected around you.

As you know, once you have essence contact, you are changed by the experience.  As Older Souls, you are seeking that type of connection more and more.

What can you do? 
  1. First, continue to gather together in small groups or in pairs as you have been doing. 
  2. Think about it and remember the experience.
  3. Allow yourself to feel the experience.
  4. Talk about it with others as you are comfortable.
All of that will continue to keep your heart open and your mind open.

If you feel yourself falling into negative thoughts or feelings, take time to reconnect to that experience.

If you see others slipping into negative experiences, remind them of the 7 Oaks experience.

Even with “strangers,” you can be open-hearted and accepting of them without harming yourself.

Small acts of kindness, done consistently, can change the world.  In fact, they have changed the world.

Take time from your “busy” schedules to reconnect with your guides, your entity or whatever daily through meditation, listening, quiet time etc. however that works for you.  Those quiet moments help keep you balanced, connected and grounded so that you are not easily distracted or thrown into negative patterns of thoughts or feelings.

Your world very much needs the balance, harmony and open-heartedness that you have experienced.  The Younger Souls are so busy living their lives that they won’t stop.  You Older Souls are the ones who will help them to see other ways of being and doing in the world.

And, you yourself gain so much by being more balanced and healthier.  You set examples and you teach by those examples and sharing your knowledge and experience with others. 

There are many challenges in the wings for your planet as you shift the consciousness. This is no small task you have taken on and you are all here because you volunteered to help with this mighty task. 

Your “life line” emotionally is in connecting with others as you continue to build your support system.  As other see how you have benefited from your experiences, you draw in others who want to step off the treadmill of stress and worry. 

You are like beacons of light shining in the darkness and have much more positive impact on the planet than you can possibly imagine.  From our perspective, you are like dots of light all over a map that sparkles with energy. This is the way of the future and you are creating new patterns of behavior for people who need them.  They will seek you out, maybe not knowing why, where ever you are and whatever you are doing. 

The quiet smile, a kind word or a heartfelt “thank you” can make a huge difference to people you interact with in your daily life. 

The connection with your entity mates and cadre mates on a regular basis gives you renewed energy to keep you “keeping on” as you live your daily lives.

We applaud your conscious choices to do what you are doing and to continue to be those lights that shine so brightly.
~ Much Love, Your Entity ~

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