Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why do people attract other people to whom they give more than they receive?

We are here with you tonight, your entity.

In past lifetimes, [xxx] was well cared for and so in this life, it is her turn to assist others.

There is nothing wrong with [xxx]’s life – all is just as it should be.  She might find it less of a “burden” to remember that all is working perfectly and to be grateful for the past support.

Life will balance out always, eventually.  This is the way it is.  Gratitude in all things helps to release any resentment and martyrdom.  And, know that [xxx] made choices coming into this life that set up things that her Essence continues to operate on.  

Major lessons are being learned in this life.  There is nothing at all “wrong” or “mistaken.”  Ponder on this and perhaps a shift in perspective will help to see it better. 

The work she is doing is Good Work and much needed by those she is helping.  It is her work to do, not someone else’s — that is why she is drawn into the situations and relationships that she has been involved in. 

All is well.

[There was a short pause, then they continued:]  This message can be used by all of you also.  You are each right where you should be — doing what you should be doing. 

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