Thursday, July 11, 2013

Time to re-evaluate where you are

[Question: No specific question tonight (we did healing energy for a bunch of people).  As we were doing the healing energy, my crown chakra was buzzing, so I decided to write.  Here’s what I got:]

We are here with you tonight and always.

All is well.  This is a time of review, of fixing things and re-doing things.

And it is a time of being aware of the fast changing pace of our life.  It is easy to get caught up in the “doing” and no realize how far you have come, how complex your life is and how much you accomplish every single day.

Without these “redo” times, you would not stop to appreciate what is.  As you do a review or a re-do, you re-evaluate where you are and what you are doing. 

So be grateful for all you have accomplished, how far you have traveled on your life’s journey.  You are each learning and growing and stretching far beyond your original plans, so give yourself some time to adjust, to re-evaluate, to shift gears and to see things in a new light.

It’s all good and it is as perfect as you are.  We applaud your travels and your journey.

We are with you at all times.  

With love, your entity. 

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