Friday, February 18, 2011

What message do you have for me tonight ~ where should I be putting my energy?

[Comment: during the meditation tonight, we called in All That Is, then we listened.  As I started to visualize connecting my hands with the circle, I felt myself propelled back in time and was standing on the balcony of the Vatican, overlooking the square filled with thousands of people.  I could feel the energy of the Universe pouring into me and felt it expanding out of me, connecting with all the people and the larger Universe energy.  Quite a large feeling.]

Question: What message do you have for me tonight ~ where should I be putting my energy?

 *ALLOW* the energy of All That Is to fill you.  Let it expand your energy field.  

 When you are taking in that energy and allowing it to expand you, you are complexly free of stress, free of impatience, free of wondering what “might” happen.

 When you are filled with that energy, your heart is open, your mind is open and at peace, and your body is relaxed.

 In that state, much more can be created than when you are efforting, stressing, trying to “make” things happen or worrying about what might go wrong or why someone else hasn’t done something.

 In the space of Allness is everything and nothing.  It is the timeless space where anything and everything is possible.  It is the heart of creation for whatever your heart desires.

 No matter what may be going on in the physical world around you, when you enter the space of Allness, you become someone and something different.  You connect with your own essence and can connect with the essence of All That Is or any other essence you seek.

  It is the place of wholeness, wellness, peace, love, beauty, truth and creation.
 Take time every day to remember that space.

 When you do this regularly, it only takes a moment of your physical time, yet you tap into all of eternity and timelessness where clocks and schedules don’t exist.
 As your world changes, all of you who are aware can have a huge impact on the changes in a positive way simply by those few moments every day of stepping out of the physical plan and resting in the timeless plane.

 For your own benefit and your world’s benefit, we encourage you to take on this task.

 You are free to choose – or not – of course.

 We are here with you at all times, and glory at your progress and unfoldment during the many challenges of the physical plane.

 You have taken on a huge task to help the planet move forward.  We wish for you to have all the best resources and tools at your disposal to help you.  

 Whatever you need — ask — and help will be immediately given to you.

 Be well, be happy, be love, be loving, be loved, be peaceful and most of all, enjoy your life.  It is what you are creating and it is as beautiful as any masterpiece.


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