Friday, February 11, 2011

What can you tell us about the progress of our little group?

[Comments: My mother transitioned off the physical plane last week.  We put her into the healing circle before the meditation/listening session.  When we did that, I got a message from her that she was very pleased with the love we were sending her.  She is very happy now and at peace.  She wondered why she hung on so long to her body as it was having so much trouble lately.  She has now reunited with many friends and family where she is.  I could sense both my grandparents there also to be with her.
   My mother also sent me messages from my father and other family members.  I won’t write out the entire thing as most of it was very personal.  She ended with “As you are fond of saying, ‘Love is all there is.’  We are all with you whenever you need us.”]

Question: What can you tell us about the progress of our little group?

 The group is moving as well as it can.  Progress is not a steady trip from one point to another.  There are many twists and turns and side trips that are taken to get where you are going.  I got a picture of a babbling stream, meandering around, not going straight.   

There is no rush & no deadline or goal you have to reach.   

And, you have all of eternity to figure it out.  The pressure you feel is self-imposed and not driven by outside forces at all.  Go as fast or as slow as you feel is right for you.


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