Friday, January 21, 2011

What do I need to know today?

[Comments: The session last night was very different for me.  Usually, we open the meditation, make the circle and I immediately start to get messages.  Last night, all I got was quiet, still, calm energy.  It felt like it went on forever.  I connected with everyone in the circle, did some healing and put several people into the circle.  Eventually, I got a short message to my question.]

Question: “What do I need to know today?”

All is well exactly as it is.  Keep reminding yourself of this and know that timing is something you cannot completely control.  

As we said last week, this is a gestation time so allow events to work and grow as they need to.  You cannot force it to go faster.

All is well.  

You are loved - truly and greatly loved by so many who support you and cheer you on every day.

[Comments: Then, I went back to the circle, did some more healing and just sat in the silence.  The energy seemed to spread out far and wide, wrapping everyone and everything in it.  I could visualize it going out across the house here, the neighborhood, the state, then across the United States, then around the world.  Again, it seemed to go on forever.]


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