Friday, January 14, 2011

What message do you have for me tonight?

Question: What message do you have for me tonight?

We are here with you tonight.  You have been very busy with your moving activities and not consciously connecting with us for long periods.  We have been monitoring you and visiting in your dreams.  [I’ve had some very strong dreams lately of prosperity, creativity, love and joy.]

 All is very malleable right now so don’t allow yourself to grow impatient.  This time of “waiting” is the gestation period that is needed for events to move and become into physical form.  [As I read this back, I could see/feel something like dough or mud, kneading it in my hands, then it shifted to feeling energy filled with rainbows of light as if I was moving my hands through it.]

 There is no rush for you.

 Take each day as it comes and appreciate all that you have already.  There is great and very deep work being done right now in the space where your eyes cannot see.  Your essence understands this completely.  Your physical personality is adjusting and working more closely with your essence to arrange your affairs in ways that will manifest your life in the future.  The contacts you are making will help with the future work you will be doing.

 All of the pieces will come together in a way that is clear in the future.  Time is a physical construct that helps you and frustrates you.  That’s just the way it is in your world.

 Just know that all is well and everything is going well in the re-creation phase of your new life.

 We are with you at all times, which you are becoming more conscious of every day.

 You are well and truly loved.  Have no doubt of that.

 Enjoy the time and space you are in right now.  It is a gift that you can unwrap and appreciate every single day and will provide a form of “marker” when you look back to this time.

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