Saturday, January 1, 2011

Do you have a message for me?

[Comments: On Thursday evening, I called in from a hotel on my way from WA to CA.  I’ve been saying that I am in the “in between” time and letting myself be there - "homeless" after selling my house officially as of Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2010 - and had not expected or really wanted to get anything from the listening practice, just wanted to connect with others.]

Question:  Do you have a message for me?

 I AM the void.  The emptiness seems to be nothing yet it is the potential of all that is.  It contains everything that can ever be.  It is an immensely powerful place to rest.  It is alive and vibrating, yet formless and structureless.  Anything can be created from this place.

 What do you wish for?  It can be created from this place.

 All is and all is available to you to use as you wish.  This is the “ultimate stuff” that Ernest Holmes described.

 There is no time and no space in the void so there are no schedules or time lines or “to do” lists to be concerned about.

 This is a time to play and enjoy with no pressure of any kind.

 You already sense this and are using it as it should be used - by allowing it to be and by allowing yourself to be in the space of timelessness.   

All will become clear eventually.  There is no rush so enjoy it.

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