Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Nature of Personal Power

Question: What is the nature of personal power and how does it manifest in our own lives?

We are here with you tonight.

Your ability to connect with us — beyond your physical and limited body is one manifestation of personal power. 

You have made choices — consciously — to go beyond your imprinting and to expand your awareness — that is personal power.

You have learned to control — mostly — your thoughts and therefore, you control your life by choice.  That is a manifestation of personal power.

You teach and you share, thereby helping others to have more personal power by your example and by showing them and teaching them how to do it. 

You feel powerful when you open up and when you are consciously aware. That power shows in your aura so others can sense it even if they don’t know what it is.
When you connect with nature, with the Earth, with the sun and with the wind, you also connect with their power and you use it to enhance your own power.
When you tell the truth, you are manifesting personal power.

When you study the teachings, you are increasing your personal power through greater knowledge. 

When you meditate or “listen,” you are allowing yourself to feel more powerful as you release any energy or “stuff” that is in your aura or that may be keeping you from being powerful.

At every moment of the day, when you are making positive conscious choices, you are exercising and manifesting personal power.

When you help others make positive decisions or learn new skills or meditate or anything else you might do with them, you are manifesting personal power.

When you acknowledge others in a positive way, you are exercising personal power.  When you have so much personal power that you can share it with anyone who wants it or needs it asks for it, you are an example of the positive use of personal power.

When you volunteer and give of your time, talent and treasure, you are manifesting personal power.  You are an example of someone who has so much personal power that you can give away to help others. 

Any time you can be with someone who needs help, you are manifesting personal power and the other feels the benefit of that power.

When you set appropriate boundaries, you are exercising personal power.  You can tell people “no” in a way that is respectful to them and takes nothing away from them.  You are acknowledging your own power and you own right to use it as you decide to use it.  The other person may not like to hear “no” but they will respect you regardless. 

[It felt like there a whole lot more that could be said, so maybe we can continue on this topic next week  . . .  ]

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