Thursday, January 17, 2013

What can you tell us about the various groups that we might be involved in?

We are here tonight with you — as we are always with you.  As you become more conscious of our presence, you open yourself to “listening” as you call it.
We are here whenever you wish to call us —as we are always with you at all times.  You shift your focus and “forget” us or turn away your focus at many times — maybe, most times.

About groups:
There are, of course, karmic ribbons that connect you to people — you own someone or many some ones.  Or, someone owes you something.  These are very compelling and as older souls, you wish to resolve these as much as possible so that you don’t create more debt to be repaid in the future. You also wish to repay old debts that you owe so that you can be free.

There are the sequences that have been mentioned. These are groups that work together to perform tasks or to accomplish a project together.  You know about Sarah’s group and the many sequences mentioned there. Sequences cover many lifetimes. 

There are the working groups where you come together in a lifetime — a single lifetime.  Your transcript project is a sequence, a working group and has elements of karma so it covers a lot of ground in a small package.  You have a [life] task to teach our message in a mainstream way and you have a long-term sequence with us (Michael) to help spread our message of hope for the world. 

As you work in your various groups, you naturally encounters with whom you have links of various sorts, or who have similar agreements, or karma etc., or similar goals.

No matter how you “categorize” a group is not really important.  For you, with you focus on cooperation, you can work with many different people, though you will be most comfortable and compatible with people you have worked with before successfully and where you have a high level of trust. 

Trust is critical for a group to function well and can take some “time” to come together and work out the physical plan challenges.

There are, as you discussed, many different people involve din the Michael Teachings and who feel compelled to help make it more available to others.  The more everyone can see themselves as a part of something larger, the easier it will be for you all to work together.

When someone becomes too focused on doing it all alone or doing it by themselves in their own “true” way, they will not be as successful and the message becomes distorted or stifled.  You are very familiar with people who operate that way.

There is no “deadline” when this has to be done.  The energy and the support is very strong right now with all of you connected, so we expect there will be quite a bit of progress in the next 100 years of your “time” and possibly, much less if all work well with each other.

Yes, you will work on this when you return to the physical plane.  How many lifetimes you will be involved is unknown at this time/space from our perspective.

You are all doing very Good Work and all are benefiting tremendously by doing this work.  The overall population is experiencing the benefits of your work.  You have no idea yourself how important your work is today for the future of your species.  

We are here to help, support and be with you — and always know how much you are loved.

Your entity and our teacher, Michael. 

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