Thursday, August 1, 2013

Putting life into perspective

Question: Are there any messages for us tonight?

We are here with you.

We have sent you images of many lifetimes to help put your life into perspective. 

All is well.  And, all is working as it should.

This is only a reminder as you do know this.

Much Love, Your Entity

As Kathryn was starting the meditation, I started to get images of past lives – a woman/young mother in a long floor-length dress tending her children, a boy living in Egypt, living in China, living in Russia, a young Dutch girl, an elderly man, a young boy, a Norse Viking, a soldier, a horseman, an American Indian, a shaman, a Polynesian, living in France and England, working as a healer and as a teacher. 

It was like a deck of cards, with each image representing one scene from a past life with a wide variety of ages and countries all around the Earth.  

Then, I relaxed into the wonderful energy and went to sleep until Kathryn called time. 

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