Thursday, August 15, 2013

Are there any messages for us tonight?

[Before the meditation, we were discussing “grand cycles” and how they work.  My questions was: if the fragments and entities merge back into the Tao, how can there be a ‘grand cycle’ for an individual if they are all merged back again?  Seems like there would be no way to attach one grand cycle to a specific fragment in a subsequent grand cycle.  This question was bothering me as I was reading Shepherd’s update of the Journey of Your Soul.]

We are here with you tonight and always.  We are undivided and whole, formerly fragmented.  Our “memories” are your memories, too.

We don’t know what awaits us when we go “higher” to other planes.  We only have the information that you  have.

There are mysteries to the Universe of which we and therefore, you, are a part of.  W don’t know how or when the merging occurs or exactly what it means, so your questions are good ones.

We applaud your desire to stretch further and to question what you  have been told or read in books, as that is how you expand and how the Universe itself expands. 


Energetically, things are changing rapidly, which is putting pressure on those mechanical things that use energy. The expansion and changes resulting from the energetic changes can lead to the things you and many others have experienced.  Your computer will get fixed and your have benefited from a change of scenery — unintended as it may be.  Much growth has happened and you have made some delightful discoveries and delved into things that have long been put aside.  It was time to bring them forward to your awareness.  [My almost new computer’s motherboard just failed so I’ve been doing lots of “projects” that had been on my list.]. 

Changing your routine periodically is a good thing as you know already.  Enjoy your “side trip” as much as you can while  you have it.

Your discoveries will be useful in many different ways and you will be glad you had the time to take the “detour” from your daily routine. 


Be well.  We are with you at all times and “feel” love for you at all times.  Never doubt this.

~ Your entity ~

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