Thursday, September 5, 2013

Love is all there is

We did a meditation using Love as an energy to surround us, vibrate through us and spread itself all around our circle, allowing anyone who wanted to tap into that Love to use it.  Then we let it expand across the country, then around the entire Earth, encircling the Earth and continuing to vibrate Love energy.  I felt my crown chakra vibrating and got just a short message.

I worked with that “pink cloud” of Love and kept a much bigger cloud above the Middle East.  It seemed to drift a bit sometimes, so I kept bringing it back, hovering over the entire region as huge cloud of pink Love energy.  


We are here.  We are Love. We are all Love.  There is no force greater than Love.  Love is all there is.

When more people remember that, the world works much more smoothly. 

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