Thursday, September 12, 2013

What’s going on with the energy shift that some people are feeling?

The “shift” is more that one of the less desired possible future paths has merged or closed down, which releases a great deal of energy to the paths closest to it. 

Some “years” ago, we mentioned that were about 10 possible courses for your planet.  You have — by choice — eliminated some of those previously — the “best” alternative (world peace) and the “worst” (nuclear war).  You were left with 7 major possible paths, so one of those has been eliminated.  As you progress, others may be merged also.

Yes, many are coming together in agreement even though they may not recognize that they are moving to a more mature way of being and doing.  The older souls who are actively working for peace and love are having a significant impact and effect on your planet.

Slowly, step by step, day by day, your world’s ideas are changing.  The very real possibility of a woman president for your country is growing day by day also. 

The changes you are seeing in your local area are small signs of the impact of older souls taking responsibility and speaking out more publicly.  As each becomes more successful, it helps others to feel safe to speak out. And so the movement and shift continues. 

Older souls all over the planet are having similar experiences and moving forward and gaining courage to speak their truth.

These are truly exciting times so keep doing what you are all doing.

We are always here — as close as your breath — whenever you need or want us. We are you, as you are us.  

Much love to all, Your Entity.

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