Monday, September 11, 2017

You are deeply loved at all times

September 11, 2017

We are here with you to remind you of how deeply you are connected [to All That Is.]

You are in one thread – one single existence and you are living in many other threads as well.  

You are all safe at every moment.  No matter what happens around you, you are safe.

Even if this thread ceases to exist or you leave it, you are still safe.

You are all very deeply loved and held in love at all times.

This existence is a mere speck of your full self – a temporary play if you will, that has no significance except to grow and learn. A way to play and learn along with your fellow actors, friends and entity mates. 

Take time to keep the higher perspective when you may feel pulled to focus only on the smallness of this one thread.

If you can that for yourself, you can help yourself and others not to be afraid.

You are so deeply loved and supported at every moment. We are always with you and everyone is loved and supported. 


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