Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Where should we focus our energy? What do we need to know right now?

We are here with you tonight and always.  You [all of us] are doing good work for yourself and the planet and for those in your sphere of influence.

Any time you open yourself to receive higher energies and to share that energy with others, you are increasing the positive energy of the entire planet. This is no small task and that you do it regularly from the heart is a major thing to do.  You do it unselfishly and without judgment to and for anyone who asks.

As you do this, you are changing the world and the energy is changing you and healing you as much as it is changing and healing others.

To your question: follow your heart and follow your own guidance about where to focus your time and your energy.  You are being guided by love and cannot make a mistake.  Allow yourself to do what feels right for you each day.  Move when you feel compelled and rest when you feel the need to rest. Play when you feel the need to play. 

There is no script or goal or timeline that you need to follow.  You are creating your own world each day.  

Go with love and know that are deeply loved.


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